When they need it most, here we will be to help theirs.

At Asilux Care we want your company to have the opportunity to be different, offering innovative services to their employees.

With ASILUX CARE, the company brings new emotional and social benefits to its national employees and of the other countries that come to work for you in Spain, subtracting the stress and dedication that comes with a health problem for them and their families, without problems of absences, casualties, etc …

With Asilux Care, your employees and their family members will feel calm.

At Asilux Care we offer a variety of different and exclusive services for your employees and their families. Really different from what is currently on the market.

You know your employees and you know that each of them is different, each of them will have different needs. It’s for that motive that our services are personalized and adapted to each employee and to his need of the moment.

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