About Us

We love to make a difference in health and dependency services.

We are pioneers in innovative solutions that help the people who live in Spain or come to our country for short stays: vacations, work, etc.

You do not know the health sector in Spain well, do not know how to have the best doctors, hospital, clinical and other health professionals, which is the best health insurance company to meet your needs, what documentation is necessary and how are the procedures with the different health institutions private and public in Spain.

We are going to help you.

We contribute to the well-being of people through the management of their disease or dependency processes, providing tranquility, comfort and time savings.

A passion for helping people.


We listen to your needs and we able to put him- or herself in the place of a person.
From there, we begin our work to offer you the best of us as people, and we look for the best solutions to meet their needs in the health environment.

You will have for you one Asilux Care person for everything you need, they will tell you how to do and continuously inform you of everything we are doing for you.

We are experts in the field of health and know the best and the most innovative.

This allows us to have the knowledge and ability to work quickly in the Spanish healthcare environment and to give the best option to your needs.

All our services are provided by qualified professionals and graduates.

People who provide services in ASILUX CARE and our team have vocation of service.

We work passionately and cross-functionally with a clear sense of purpose and responsibility to ensure that you and your family can get the best.
We work with quality, personalized attention and making life easier and more comfortable for our clients.

We are proud of our professional team

they are selected with great rigor to provide services with the sensitivity and quality that characterizes us, and always thinking about the people who receive them.

We thank our external collaborators: medical specialists, hospitals and all the professionals and companies that work with us.
All of them chosen with rigor and that help us to provide the services according to our demanding philosophy: Exclusivity and a personalized treatment.


How do we are select our team?

Training, knowledge, Service Vocation  and  Humane Values.
Health professionals are selected for their professional careers. The medical specialists of the most prestigious in Spain.
Knowledge of recent developments,
methodology and health techniques.