Asilux Care & Safetyband, partner for disease prevention.

Partner for disease prevention.

Asilux Care & Safetyband, partner for disease prevention.

Disease prevention. SAFETYBAND, an authorized and patented brand in Spain, provides a comfortable, hygienic and one-person product where you can carry your hydroalcoholic gel at all times, through the Landyard line for companies with their own corporate brand, so the line of bracelets.
A product we could define in a few words: Safety, quality, design and elegance for demanding people and professionals. Asilux Care & Safetyband, partner for disease prevention.
Safetyband a partner, so humbly we say that it has our touch of Luxury Healthcare Assistance. Asilux Care and Safetyband.

It is practical, hygienic, comfortable to wear and one-person product where you can carry your disinfectant gel at all times.

Because we continue choosing the best for you and your family. In the case, is a product to disease for prevention.

As a result of, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has changed our daily routines. The hydroalcoholic gel has become an constant companion and, according to health experts, the ideal is that it stays that way for much longer, even “when this is all over.” These coincide with Asilux Care, in maintaining a large part of hygiene measures indefinitely in a post-pandemic society. Specifically, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.
Also, the hydroalcoholic gel has proven to be useful to prevent other types of diseases, especially contagious diseases through surfaces and direct contacts.

So, our daily relationship with hospitals, clinics, medical specialists: Oncologists (cancer), dermatologists, neurologists, gynecologists, traumatologists, cosmetic surgeons, urologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, rheumatologist, eye specialists etc. going through a wide range of diagnostic tests: x-Ray MRI scan, CAT scan we take into account the hygiene and safety of our employees, collaborators, clients, patients, with all those with whom we interact in our work.

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